Our Services

Minor Car Body Repairs
• Small dents and scrapes
• Key scratches
• “Trolley rash” from supermarket car parks
• Wheel scuffs and abrasions from kerb contact
• Wear and tear marks around door handles
• Minor accident repairs – often cost less than your insurance excess!
• Perfect colour matching, whatever the age of the original paintwork

Repairs to plastic surfaces as well as metal
• Bumpers
• Plastic body trim
• Mirrors

All Those Little Cosmetic Jobs
• Keep your pride and joy looking its best
• Maintain its value
• A well kept car is a credit to you, its owner

Valeting Service
• Regular valeting keeps your car looking good outside and feeling good inside
• Have the car valeted when you use for a special occasion, it makes such a difference.

End of Lease
When a leased vehicle comes to the end of its lease term, it has to be returned in perfect condition if financial penalties are to be avoided. Book it in with King Bros in good time and we will check it over thoroughly, valet it and carry out any work needed to ensure you don’t incur any such penalties.

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