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King Bros. was founded back in 1961 by K D and M R King in Wimborne. The firm grew and became one of the major car body and chassis repairers in the area, fully equipped in both tools and expertise to deal with the most serious structural repairs and re-building.

In 2004 the decision was made to change the nature of the business to specialise in the kind of non-structural repairs for which it is now renowned throughout Dorset, where the rhyming couplet, “If your car’s got a ding, call Philip King,” is rapidly becoming a local proverb!

“If your car’s got a ding, call Philip King.” That’s our mantra and it says it all really. It’s repairing the minor dings, bumps and dents, scuffs and scrapes; the battle scars that adorn so many cars on today’s busy roads that is our speciality. Dull and faded paintwork too: None of these things will stop you using your car, but they can soon make it look very shabby and down at heel!

Most body shops don’t really want these little jobs, they’ve spent huge sums equipping themselves with special jigs and jacks and all manner of expensive equipment to straighten out distorted wrecks after serious crashes. That’s the kind of work they want!

Not King Bros though; we are here for when the gate post has jumped out at you as you reversed out of your drive. We’re here for those scrapes on your business lease car you only notice the week before its lease runs out with penalties to pay if it doesn’t go back in perfect condition. We’re here for all those kind of annoying blemishes and as a family business we’re very proud of the quality of our work and our reputation.

Remember, if your car’s got a ding, call Philip King

Minor and Medium Damage Repairs


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